Will you create soap by special request? Special requests may be honored on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us to discuss the nature and feasibility of your request. 

I would like to sell Montecito Soaps in my brick-and-mortar store. Do you wholesale? Yes we do! Montecito Soap loves to offer its products in retail settings so customers can experience the look and feel - and scent! - of each bar. Please contact us to discuss wholesale opportunities.

I would like to order a large quantity of soaps for an upcoming event. How quickly can you fulfill my order? Orders that exceed current inventory may take 6-8 weeks to fulfill, contingent on supplies on-hand. Please contact us to discuss your needs and options. 

Why do your soaps contain sodium hydroxide? That's lye! I use lye to remedy my clogged drains!  Sodium hydroxide (and in liquid soap, potassium hydroxide) is an essential ingredient in soap-making. As long as humans have been producing soap, the process has involved mixing an alkali/base (lye) with fat. The chemical reaction is called saponification and results in saponified fats, more commonly known as "soap" and no lye remains in the final product.